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bubble cat

Yesterday and today Bubble has decided that she is a cat. She has cat food, water, and milk bowls (empty, thankfully) and a cat bed and she comes near and waits for me or her dad to pet her and … Continue reading

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a contemplative place

I had forgotten how much the place in Anaheim is a contemplative place for me. When I was a single professional, my friends and I had yearly passes, premium yearly passes. We would plan birthday trips or just call one … Continue reading

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a birthday

Today is Bubble’s 4th birthday. She is very excited. Her dad and I are taking her to a very special place in Anaheim wherein lives a certain Mouse and Pals. We spent Valentine’s dinner talking about where we wanted to … Continue reading

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v-day reflections

Computerguy and I were single long enough that we still disdain Valentine’s Day. It’s undue pressure for couples and yet another reminder of their status as outsiders in our society for singles (something that I think needs to be addressed … Continue reading

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spiritual heritage exercise post four

We meet tonight, so this is it. Earlier posts and explanations can be found here, here, and here. 9) I feel closest to God when… I’m actually spending intentional time in spiritual disciplines. And when I’m writing. 10) My earliest … Continue reading

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elizabeth bishop and the art of the villanelle

Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Elizabeth Bishop’s birth. I remember first learning of Elizabeth Bishop in a creative writing class. We read “One Art” and then wrote our own villanelles. I was entranced by the particular poem–its depth under … Continue reading

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spiritual heritage exercise post 3

I think I’ll quit belaboring this exercise, so here are some quicker answers. 3) People whom I consider modern day saints are… My Protestant Evangelical heritage comes to the fore here. I really learned well the lesson that we are … Continue reading

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