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quarantine update (mostly for me)

Yesterday was my 49th birthday. It was surprisingly busy. I got up early and wrote a sermon and then went to the church to record it (4 of us distancing in a sanctuary meant for something like 600). The others … Continue reading

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reading challenge

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself, for my study reading, to read only books I had already purchased on my Kindle App, but had never actually read or finished. I began with Carol Howard Merritt’s Healing Spiritual … Continue reading

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As a faculty member, I’ve always loved graduations. It’s the last bastion of pomp and circumstance in our regular world. It’s the last vestiges of historical (European) scholarly life, where the gowns were the uniform of the scholar. By showing … Continue reading

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roundtable discussion assignment

2 years ago, when I taught my first Community College Brit Lit survey class, I included a basic group presentation on the syllabus. I had 4 topics (thematically linked sections from the Norton) and had the students present on them. … Continue reading

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community college

Have I written about the community college gig yet? It seems like I’ve meant to, but it’ keat me kind if busy. If I have, feel free to forgive me and move on. When I was young-ish and hopeful and maybe … Continue reading

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catching up

School started. We have a 4th grader who misses 3rd grade and a 2nd grader who wishes school didn’t exist. ::sigh:: I am teaching at one of the local community colleges. In some ways it is just fabulous, my best … Continue reading

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the odd thing about part time

The NaNoBloMo prompt today is about days off. Here’s the thing: I’m part time and my hours are flexible. Right now I work at the church on Wednesdays and the University on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but my Mondays and Fridays … Continue reading

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early morning quiet

I crashed early last night, so I awoke early, feeling rested, this morning. It will be a busy weekend, simply because it is Halloween and (for us) Reformation/All Saints/Pledge Consecration Sunday, though my part is minimal. The kids are going … Continue reading

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This is a day-in-the-life-of post, but not really a typical day, just the day Thursday happened to be. I graded until just before 2:00 a.m. Thursday morning. I woke up before my 6:30 alarm. I got the kids going and … Continue reading

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ten minutes

One of the differences between the UC in the next town with which I am most familiar and the CSU where I am now working is that a 4-unit 1-quarter class at the UC was 3 contact hours whereas at … Continue reading

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