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The RevDoc is leading a retreat this weekend. Our guest preacher is the pastor of the Lutheran Mission in the city. He is wonderful. He and the RevDoc have found kindred spirits (soul friends? I think they each pastor the … Continue reading

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birthday valentine

We went around and around about the girl child’s birthday this year (Age 7 on Sunday). We told her she couldn’t have a big party, that we had done that the last two years, and we weren’t going to do … Continue reading

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confirmation composition

If you were asking confirmation students (grades 8-12, boys and girls) to think/write about their lives without being overtly spiritual about it at first go, what would you ask? How would you write the prompt? This can’t be too onerous, … Continue reading

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what we’ve been doing

Life moves on apace. I started with a new title at church: Associate for Worship. Among other things, I picked up the church newsletter and gave up website updating. I’m off Session and no longer chair of the nurture committee, … Continue reading

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