a birthday

Bubble and Computerguy decorated the cake last night.

Today is Bubble’s 4th birthday. She is very excited. Her dad and I are taking her to a very special place in Anaheim wherein lives a certain Mouse and Pals. We spent Valentine’s dinner talking about where we wanted to take her and the experiences we wanted her to have including getting mouse ears with her name embroidered on them. Grandpa is keeping Squeak so we can focus completely on Bubble. She did want to have her cake with Grandpa, so we are going to have cake for breakfast (since we assume she will be fast asleep when we get home.)

4 seems pretty grown-up. It’s like the stakes are higher. There is much grace when the children are under 4. Great trauma is different, but the little goof-ups we may make as parents, they just aren’t going to remember them. After 4, that’s not so true. Anyway…

My Illinois roommate (Hi!) always send out a “circle of prayer” letter for her kids for their birthdays, asking people to pray for them and giving specific ways to do so. I just love the tradition, but haven’t done it, so here is a little bit now. My daughter’s name is visible and mostly legible on the cake above. It’s the same as Dumbledore’s mother (for the record, she was 5 months old when the last book came out, so that was a coincidence, but it was fun to read.)

On her birthday, I pray for my daughter.
I pray that she will continue to grow in wisdom and stature.
I pray that she will always view the world with the inventiveness and imagination she now has.
I pray we will know how to parent her and will lead her to be able to make good choices.
I pray that I will let her be herself even when it means buying frilly dresses and making pink cakes.
I pray that her interest in God’s word will continue to grow and she will come to know for herself God’s amazing love and grace.
I pray that this will be a good year for my daughter and me and our relationship.
I thank God for this amazing gift given to me.

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3 Responses to a birthday

  1. quackademic says:

    This is beautiful! It is so great to have friends with faith in the academic world, and to know that they are raising their children to know God!

  2. Leslie says:

    Very touching. Wishing Bubble a beautiful fourth year!

  3. Oh my! Four years old….unbelievable.
    Hope the day at Dland was a special time.
    Bubble was prayed for!!!

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