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happy christmas

We’re home for Christmas this year, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids have hung out with friends, and we’ve begun to find our own take on Christmas traditions. I don’t know how often we’ll get to do this, but … Continue reading

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family moment

The kids do presentations more or less monthly. The 1st grader’s presentation this month was on a “family holiday tradition.” He decided to do Advent because “I get to eat candy.” (Every other kid did Christmas. My kid did Advent. … Continue reading

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where to begin?

A week ago (was it just a week ago?!?), I led a joy-filled and noisy “Review-of-the-Year” service of scripture and hymns while my colleague was on vacation. We did it on Advent 1 instead of Christ the King because we … Continue reading

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event films

I started writing a post last night and realized that I was writing two different posts: one about a play and one about going to see a filmed play on the silver screen. So I’m separating the posts. I’ll write … Continue reading

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