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assignment: springtime

I was asked to speak at a women’s club tomorrow. The theme or topic is Springtime. At the time I said yes, I thought it was a great topic for this moment, but I haven’t had much chance to think … Continue reading

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kindness at the waterpark

We have waterpark season passes for our 3rd summer. Yesterday we met my spouse at the waterpark when he got off work. It was a great way to live through the 110+ temperatures. It felt downright cool as we floated … Continue reading

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horizontal and vertical

NaBloPoMo Day 17: Let’s join up with Laura Stephens-Reed: Write about a spiritual practice that keeps you connected to God and to others. I have my PC(USA) Daily Prayer App, and in some ways that is just between God and … Continue reading

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solstice picnic at the peak

The day started with a skating graduation. They invite families to join the skaters for a complimentary skate session (which we didn’t realize and none of us but the GirlChild had socks, so CG ran to the Dollar Store to … Continue reading

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walking in the neighborhood

I walk around my neighborhood. I see the same people. We smile, maybe wave. One woman I speak with every once in a while. I don’t know their names, but I know their faces*. We wonder when we don’t see … Continue reading

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blog carnival: galship

As I prepare to take my kids on a 2000 mile plane trip to the midwest to visit my post-college roommates before Illinois Roommate becomes Overseas Missionary Roommate, I have been thinking a lot of “galship” of one sort or … Continue reading

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family camp worship

I was the de facto worship leader at Family Camp this year. Given that I continue to not be musically inclined, I’m still awed by the idea that the song leader is not necessarily the worship leader in more liturgical … Continue reading

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she-wolf on the court

I have a blog post in the queue regarding church Family Camp Worship–which was delightful and Spirit-filled–but I am waiting in hopes of obtaining some photos to go with it. Meanwhile, also at Family Camp, the Girlchild was in her … Continue reading

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wherein i become a car pool mom

We don’t have families that live close by. We take our kids to the charter school that is our compromise between public/private. We are preparing and leading workshops all over the area (M’s Mom), working part-time at work that takes … Continue reading

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who i am and whose i am

On Saturday we made palm crosses to be handed out in church Sunday morning. The woman was especially proud of one she had made. Years of doing this and she says, “This may be the best one I’ve ever made,” … Continue reading

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