a contemplative place

I had forgotten how much the place in Anaheim is a contemplative place for me. When I was a single professional, my friends and I had yearly passes, premium yearly passes. We would plan birthday trips or just call one another up and say, “I need Disney therapy” and head out for a few hours or dinner or whatnot. It really is like stepping out of the craziness of life into another world, a clean and twinkly world where we thought and talked and listened and walked and just existed.

Obviously, it’s different with a 4-year-old, but there’s still a lot of waiting and watching and existing and I was feeling that on Wednesday as I keep thinking about what’s next.

I think Bubble and Computerguy had fun, too.

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2 Responses to a contemplative place

  1. My two favourite pics: the one of you and Bubble walking hand in hand on Main St. and the one of Bubble and computerguy on Dumbo.

    Oh, I hope in the near future all the kiddos can enjoy this place together.

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