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poem in your pocket

Sometimes I think the National fill-in-the-blank Day/Week/Month thing has gotten out of hand. Really? National Pickle Day? But it does bring attention to things, and that can be a good thing. Especially when that thing is poetry. (Yes, I’m biased.) … Continue reading

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friday five: internet connections

This week’s Friday Five on technology comes from Jan: I have vaguely been hearing about the coming trend of people using mobile internet devices rather than desktop computers. Having four adult children, I see them using cell phones, laptops, tablets, … Continue reading

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birthday boy

It’s The Boy’s 3rd birthday today. He’s really grown-up in the last few months. Amazing!

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kaling and fey or both/and

Tina Fey reminds us in her book Bossypants that women don’t need to be in competition with one another. I started reading Mindy Kaling’s book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns) because I love that someone who is … Continue reading

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Following up a bit on my last post, there were definitely some conversations happening at the Shakespeare conference that I am now mulling over in light of my church interest. I’m chair of the nurture committee at church and we … Continue reading

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icons and more

I spent the afternoon yesterday contemplating Shakespeare and the evening contemplating Christ. It’s not exactly a subtle difference. One is a dead icon, the other a living Savior. I do think Shakespeare is an icon in the scared sense of … Continue reading

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