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what defines us

This is going to be pretty self-indulgent. Feel free to move right along… I’ve been thinking about what defines me because I have an anxiousness about being defined by my children. Every time someone asks me what’s next, and it’s … Continue reading

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posting something

I’m surprised at how little I’ve posted since finishing the dissertation. I guess between not having Granddaddy Nanny around to watch the kiddoes and not having anything to procrastinate, the blog has suffered. We flew to the in-laws in Boise, … Continue reading

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happy christmas

‎”In our world too a stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world” (Lucy from The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis). Happy Christmas, everyone!

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friday five: christmases past

1) The year I got a pocket knife in my stocking. My memory has us at my grandparents’ house in Iowa, so it would have been sometime between kindergarten and 3rd grade, when we lived in Missouri. The stockings were … Continue reading

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with us

The darkness of Advent has been very much present this year and it got ever so much darker this past week. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my cousin and his family and he is doing really well … Continue reading

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In the comments on my last post, Nicole asked about my defense story. This is my lack-of-defense story. We didn’t have one. It was all a little anticlimactic (especially compared with exams–3 days written, a 3 hour oral, sent out … Continue reading

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bookgirl, ph.d.

It’s done. I don’t know what comes next, but it’s official. Bookgirl, Ph.D. It feels pretty darn good.

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