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I went into Session (church council) tonight with a proposal asking them to extend the lay “internship” I have been doing for another year. The first response from one woman was “Thanks be to God.” They asked a few questions … Continue reading

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who i am and whose i am

On Saturday we made palm crosses to be handed out in church Sunday morning. The woman was especially proud of one she had made. Years of doing this and she says, “This may be the best one I’ve ever made,” … Continue reading

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palms and papers

Teaching Shakespeare has been a delight. It was a great quarter, and I’m so glad I did it. (I will say once again, it was able to be such a good experience because Grandpa came and helped me on the … Continue reading

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short sabbath

The RevDoc is heading on Sabbatical this summer, something I fully with all my heart support while loathing the actuality of it (3 months!!!), for my sake–not hers. In that vein, in church we have been talking about Sabbath practice. … Continue reading

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an orchestral tempest, sort of

We went to see the University production of The Tempest last night. Meanwhile, my class is in the middle of reading The Tempest, our final play for the quarter. This is not a coincidence. When one of my students said … Continue reading

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the elusive ever-present glorious past

Super Hero God We want to turn back the clock To return to a time A time of plenty A time in our imagination And in the record books A pastiche of what was so And how we remember it … Continue reading

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celebrity match up: garber vs. bloom

I have two go-to books when I’m studying Shakespeare: Harold Bloom’s The Invention of the Human and Marjorie Garber’s Shakespeare after All.  In my Shakespeare Comedies course, we did a couple farces (Errors and Taming), a bunch of Festive Comedies (Midsummer, Merchant, As … Continue reading

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