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In Session tonight, we were wondering aloud if there were things the church could let go, given that we are a congregation of <200 trying to do the same things we did at >400. The Mariners have few ships (Presbyterian … Continue reading

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an unexpected sabbath

Yesterday, as I was walking across the courtyard at church, Youth Guy’s daughter greeted me excitedly and asked, “Can we come to your house today?” I said, “Sure” and looked at her mom. Her mom said, “Actually, Youth Guy is … Continue reading

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wearing my faith

Joanna, a Mennonite pastor, writes in the Monday Extra on the RevGals about choosing a cross each Sunday as her “liturgical mantle” in a non-liturgical tradition, and about wearing a wooden one on a worn cord throughout Lent as one … Continue reading

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wordgirl turns 6

Wordgirl turned 6 yesterday. Since it was a Saturday, her birthday party was on her birthday. For months she has been talking about having an art show birthday party. It was perfect. It was a gorgeous, perfect Southern California February … Continue reading

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why i love the interwebz

I was filling out a recommendation form, and I didn’t like what I said, so I found the original website and printed out a new second page (first page was fine and had the student’s signature on it) and re-did … Continue reading

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midterm time

There’s a full house today for the midterm–halfway through the quarter, how time flies-but a couple students are missing. One girl who sits in the back, slipped out of the classroom about 5 minutes in, and then slipped back. I … Continue reading

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pumpkin pie (from a pumpkin)

On Friday night, the girl child was at a sleepover birthday party, so the boy child was an only child. He came into the house about 4 in the afternoon carrying a pumpkin we had never carved at Halloween and … Continue reading

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