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family camp worship

I was the de facto worship leader at Family Camp this year. Given that I continue to not be musically inclined, I’m still awed by the idea that the song leader is not necessarily the worship leader in more liturgical … Continue reading

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she-wolf on the court

I have a blog post in the queue regarding church Family Camp Worship–which was delightful and Spirit-filled–but I am waiting in hopes of obtaining some photos to go with it. Meanwhile, also at Family Camp, the Girlchild was in her … Continue reading

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resurrection appearances

We’re nearing the end of Eastertide, moving toward Pentecost and then Ordinary Time. Yesterday I was privileged to look at a statement of faith prepared for a presbytery this week as they look to move the person from inquirer to … Continue reading

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the great convergence

Computerguy dubbed it “The Great Convergence.” It happened last in 2002, and will happen again in 2019. Every five or six (or eleven) years, my birthday falls on Mother’s day. Because of leap year, this is the first time it … Continue reading

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wherein i become a car pool mom

We don’t have families that live close by. We take our kids to the charter school that is our compromise between public/private. We are preparing and leading workshops all over the area (M’s Mom), working part-time at work that takes … Continue reading

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busy weekend

Yesterday morning we took out fundraiser airplane flight. We got an early morning email saying the fog was coming in over the ocean and wouldn’t be clearing, so we could switch to an inland destination or postpone for a couple … Continue reading

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poetry party: ode to spring

From Christine Valters Paintner at Abbey of the Arts: A Poetry Party. “Your invitation is to write an Ode to Springtime or other poetic way of honoring the gifts and call of the season.  Write a poem in celebration of … Continue reading

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youth sunday

Three years ago we went to church on a Sunday in May and discovered Youth Sunday. The youth group led the entire service. It had a little bit of a camp (as in the church sleepover variety–not the literary definition) … Continue reading

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