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catching up

I think November won, but here are some quick thoughts to fill out the month. Also a photo: The kids wanted to “dress up” for Advent 1, even dress shoes. Day 30: what do you like to do to celebrate … Continue reading

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3 days later

Today I got up at 4 to grade papers. Then I taught from 8-12. I had lunch with a friend, went to the church to work on the newsletter and bulletin, and went to another friend’s house for salad and … Continue reading

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coffee date

Coffee with a young friend at a hip coffee joint where they make patterns with the foam. A far-reaching conversation about life and death and friends and two literature people reaching to teach expository writing and feeling alone (should’ve had … Continue reading

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friday fun day

I have a whole lot to do between now and when I get on a plane for my in-laws in Idaho Wednesday early morning, so I thought I would get a bunch of stuff done today. But as he was … Continue reading

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doves and streamers

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Best liturgical holiday. I am taking the “favorite” meaning of best. I love Pentecost with its orange and red and yellow and streamers flung around the sanctuary and the doves (pigeons) released at the end and the … Continue reading

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rising strong

People like MaryAnn have been writing about Brené Brown’s newest book, Rising Strong. In it, she asks, “do you think people are doing the best they can with the tools they have?” She says there are two distinct answers, a resounding absolutely … Continue reading

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horizontal and vertical

NaBloPoMo Day 17: Let’s join up with Laura Stephens-Reed: Write about a spiritual practice that keeps you connected to God and to others. I have my PC(USA) Daily Prayer App, and in some ways that is just between God and … Continue reading

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