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friday five: hand in the fire

(Robert Mapplethorpe, Hand in Fire, 1985) Posted by Mary Beth at RevGalBlogPals: There is a German expression: ich würde die Hand dafür ins Feuer legen, which means: “I would put my hand in the fire for that.” I learned it many … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like a good walk to get me thinking about things I want to say. But first came dinner tonight. We met my Mom’s mom and sister and brother and some of their families for Vince’s Spaghetti. We’ve been … Continue reading

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i’ve got nothin’

I’ve started several posts, bored myself, and left them in the draft pile. I’ve got nothin’ right now. I’m tired. Squeak has been sick all week and sleeping poorly, but better in between Mom and Dad which means Mom and … Continue reading

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new babies

I have been waiting this month to hear news from a dear friend about a new arrival. Her first was 5 weeks early and there was some touch and go involved for Mom the next few days. She was the … Continue reading

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friday five: discipline

Jan at RevGalBlogPals says: I so often think I have little “discipline” in my life, but there has to be a certain amount to survive and accomplish anything. Think about the various disciplines you routinely (or semi-regularly) participate in–or formerly … Continue reading

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the job search

When I started writing this blog, I figured I would be writing more about academia and less about church, but my head seems to be more filled with church stuff and it turns out that since I’m mid-dissertation, I’m not … Continue reading

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on the side of love

Sometimes I say that my theology has been shaped in great part by Madeleine L’Engle. There is a lot to this, but I think the thing I learned most from her writings is this: If I am going to be … Continue reading

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