more l’engle

When I finished A Wrinkle in Time I couldn’t find my copy of A Wind in the Door so I surfed the web and read no books for a couple of days while I searched every box I could find. Ugh. Finally, I just moved on and read Many Waters. This book came out in ’86, so I didn’t read it until high school. I always like it, but it doesn’t have the same resonance with me as the books I read when I was younger and the books about Meg and Vicky. I do like getting to know Sandy and Dennys for real, though. They are certainly not the “average” kids they are claimed to be in Wrinkle. And of course they grow up to be an International Lawyer and a Neurosurgeon, so, whatever. (One of the criticism’s of L’Engle’s books is that characters are unrealistic. They are.)

I had a conversation the other night with a friend who is concerned about her sons’ interest and faith in science and how that makes them unwilling to consider ideas of faith in God. This book may seem a little too preachy to such boys, but it’s the kind of book that tries to delve into those questions. I like that about it.

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