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happy deathday william shakespeare

“Shakespeare knew everything” –Vincent, Beauty and the Beast Shakespeare died 400 years ago today. So… Seems like I ought to write something. I am, after all, one of those people who would claim that Shakespeare is simply the best writer in the English … Continue reading

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30 days of gratitude day 5: sonnets

I wrote a sonnet today. It’s not brilliant, but it’s not bad. It will go in the Advent meditation book this year. I had already written two meditations, but hadn’t managed to find a sonnet in either of them. I … Continue reading

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an orchestral tempest, sort of

We went to see the University production of The Tempest last night. Meanwhile, my class is in the middle of reading The Tempest, our final play for the quarter. This is not a coincidence. When one of my students said … Continue reading

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celebrity match up: garber vs. bloom

I have two go-to books when I’m studying Shakespeare: Harold Bloom’s The Invention of the Human and Marjorie Garber’s Shakespeare after All.  In my Shakespeare Comedies course, we did a couple farces (Errors and Taming), a bunch of Festive Comedies (Midsummer, Merchant, As … Continue reading

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Following up a bit on my last post, there were definitely some conversations happening at the Shakespeare conference that I am now mulling over in light of my church interest. I’m chair of the nurture committee at church and we … Continue reading

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icons and more

I spent the afternoon yesterday contemplating Shakespeare and the evening contemplating Christ. It’s not exactly a subtle difference. One is a dead icon, the other a living Savior. I do think Shakespeare is an icon in the scared sense of … Continue reading

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my winter’s tale

I got to teach Shakespeare this week. The Winter’s Tale. My choice. I am such a Shakespeare geek. I’ve been building up my geekiness all week as I went through the first 4 acts, but today, I just went with … Continue reading

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