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stories that stick

I’m not really a short story person; I prefer the character development a novel affords. There are, however, a few short stories that stick with me, haunt me, live in the back of my mind in a way few novels … Continue reading

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let’s read the minor prophets for christmas

My church is working on putting together a devotional for Advent based on the “Daily Lectionary Readings for Advent, Year 2.” The Daily Lectionary readings, as best as I can tell, are offered as a complement to the Sunday Lectionary … Continue reading

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shakespeare by the sea

I think I’ve mentioned Shakespeare by the Sea before. At 85 miles away, it’s a little absurd, but it’s one of my favorite summer activities. I’ve been going–though I haven’t made it every summer–since 2001. We take a picnic and … Continue reading

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friday five: gratitude

Terri brings us this week’s Friday Five (and didn’t I just say Mary Oliver shows up everywhere?): The Place I Want To Get Back To is where in the pinewoods in the moments between the darkness and first light two … Continue reading

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kitchen sink

My friend (can’t remember specifically who, but it might have been the Unlikely Academic) calls this kind of blog a “Kitchen Sink” blog because I talk about “everything except the kitchen sink and sometimes that.” I call it a “life … Continue reading

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the hike

Computerguy and Bookgirl climbed the mountain. And it was pretty much exactly how that sounds. We are who we are. As in things like my iPod headphone cord kept getting caught on branches. But we hiked to the meadow and … Continue reading

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checking out

We’re moments away from heading out. I’ll leave you with this photo from my wedding (July 2004). I’m pretty sure this is the final time every cousin made it to a reunion. This one’s for you, Jer!

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