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the more things change…

We sang Father Abraham in church school chapel on Sunday. (Here’s a YouTube video for the uninitiated. There are a bunch of them.) The Associate Pastor who usually does chapel and is very conscientious about gender issues (he says he … Continue reading

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the things i think about

Here are the kinds of things I discover in this life of mine: I find Chutes and Ladders to be tedious. I thought I would enjoy it. I liked it when I was young. Nope. Really not. Candy Land is … Continue reading

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cherry berry tree

I love this latest painting of Bubble’s. She says it’s a “cherry berry tree–the red parts are cherries; the black parts are blackberries, and the blue parts are blueberries. The green parts are leaves.” (Sorry FB friends for the double … Continue reading

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There is a scene in Anne’s House of Dreams where Anne is preparing to “shorten” Jem’s gowns: “He was to be shortened the next week, and Anne felt ready to cry at the thought of it” (Chapter 40). We have our … Continue reading

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This is going to be a very long post. Feel free to move right along, but here it is for any who might be interested. And if you want to come to the So Cal iteration of the retreat next … Continue reading

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They say re-entry is hard. I wasn’t sure. It was just five days. Five days of Eucharist every day… Five days of ending the night with Compline… Five days of waking to a sunrise over the mountains… Five days of … Continue reading

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I’m checking in on this, my first blogiversary, to check out for a week. I took my kids to my folks’ in Arizona, and tomorrow after church I leave for a week’s retreat with a group from the church, but … Continue reading

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