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in-between times: beach, beer, bikes

It feels as if we are entering a time of in-between times. I have a sermon to write for Palm/Passion Sunday. Maybe that’s what I will write about: the in-between times. This week is my spring break and the kids’ … Continue reading

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quarantine update (mostly for me)

Yesterday was my 49th birthday. It was surprisingly busy. I got up early and wrote a sermon and then went to the church to record it (4 of us distancing in a sanctuary meant for something like 600). The others … Continue reading

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fires and halloween and other things

This morning I woke up to a ping that was a text message from the kids’ principal: we will be having school today. We ordinarily assume that. It turns out a fire started in a neighborhood at the foot of … Continue reading

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the girl off and away

The girl can roll her eyes with the best of them. She is honing the art of sarcasm. She points out any time I am inconsistent or ambiguous. She sasses me, but not other people, though some have called her … Continue reading

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things that capture our attention 3: land of stories

The girl chose The Land of Stories book 1 a year ago when she was gifted a choice of books on her way to sleepover camp. She picked it because it was good and thick. She didn’t get to the … Continue reading

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things that capture our attention part 1: the boy

What did you love when you were a child? What are you hoping to introduce your children to and have them love? Which of those are working and what do they love that is new to you? (also, the balance … Continue reading

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I had taken a graduated student and friend out for dinner to celebrate his 5 on the AP Exam. We stopped at a bookstore after dinner and saw a Harry Potter display. I asked if he thought I would like … Continue reading

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  Is there a difference between an incentive, a reward, and/or a celebration?   I could write for days about  back in the day when sports trumped everything and now when they award academic achievement in kindergarten and give out … Continue reading

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happy birthday beverly cleary

I read an article a few weeks ago about Beverly Cleary turning 100, and it caught my fancy. We celebrate authors’ 100th birthdays, and 200th birthdays, and 500th birthdays (Shakespeare!), but how fun to celebrate an author’s 100th birthday and … Continue reading

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birthday fun

The girl child wanted to take her friends to the mountains to play in snow for her 9th birthday outing. And then we had a week of high 80s low 90s weather. We changed the plan from a snow day … Continue reading

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