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boring post about church hopping

I was going to write about coffee sales in church and I’ll do that another time, but I digressed and I’ll stick with the digression. Part of this blog is evidently going to be about my journey into the mainline … Continue reading

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Okay, I just discovered wordle, so here is this week’s Psalm from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL): Psalm 148 brought to you by

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I’m pretty non-confrontational. I don’t say much on that ubiquitous social networking site that is going to start arguments. I have “friends” (I think we need a new word for this kind of friend) from the extreme agnostic left to … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking of letting this little experiment go–going back to journalling in a black notebook or on the computer, but just for myself. Not that I was ever a very good journal-keeper, but I do have notebooks full of … Continue reading

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the birthday

Computerguy and I debated the merits of having some sort of birthday extravaganza for Squeak, but decided it just wasn’t the year for it (hardly a surprising decision coming from us.) We’ll do that when he can appreciate it, and … Continue reading

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almost one

This is for my memory more than anything. Squeak turns 1 on Sunday. He says book, ball, and bird (boo, ba, bir) and duck (du) and he waves and says “bye”. He loves books, especially the peek-a-boo book, but really … Continue reading

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my lack of music appreciation

After writing about my grandfather, everything else seems kind of trivial, but I’ll give it a shot. We had a good Easter. On the way out of church, Computerguy told our pastor how especially great the service was. That surprised … Continue reading

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great grandpa 1909-2010

My grandfather passed away yesterday morning, March 31, 2010. I never really knew what to say to him, but I loved playing cards with him. We played his own special brand of Rummy. It was a simple game with rules … Continue reading

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