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I was baptized in an Independent Christian Church when I was not quite 7. We sometimes talk about adult baptism versus infant baptism, but perhaps a more correct label for each group is believer’s baptism versus household baptism. At not … Continue reading

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saturday updates

in brief: Bubble is 3 and 1/2 this month and just amazes me with what she says, what she can do. Lately she’s been playing solitaire on the iPad. Since it’s on the computer, she can’t go wrong, but still–just … Continue reading

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friday five: dorm life edition

Martha Hoverson from RevGalBlogPals brings us this one: Yesterday I returned my middle child for his second year of college. He’s an experienced dorm resident, having spent two years at a boarding high school. In the lounge at the end … Continue reading

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this should not terrify me

So yesterday at church a woman invited me to come to one of the women’s groups. It meets tonight at a local restaurant. I agreed to come. Computerguy thinks its a great idea. I am 39 years old, a wife, … Continue reading

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not just about making friends

My parents’ conversion story goes something like this: We moved to a new town in Missouri and my mom said, “I want to go to church so the kids can make friends before school starts.” She had grown up a … Continue reading

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searching for community

I have to confess, as important as I believe community is, I’m not very good at it. I can be a bit of a loner and I’m quite happy to have just a few friends (you know–classic introvert). And I … Continue reading

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instant community

In 2002 I quit my life (quit my job, sold my cute condo, left my church) and moved halfway across the country to start graduate school. I picked Purdue because I liked the campus, the people I met in the … Continue reading

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family community

Having just returned from Family Reunion 2010 with emails already flying around about Family Reunion 2011 it seems worth thinking about that first community, family. My mom’s family is big and caring and supportive. My mom and her siblings range … Continue reading

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the woods

Been camping. No Internet access–no chance to post before we left. Flying to visit Computerguy’s folks straight from camping. Hope to post from there.

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