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the sacred in the everyday

Do I see the sacred in the everyday? When I awaken early in the morning and heat the water to make my single cup french press coffee, it’s easy to see the sacred in the water the grounds the coffee… … Continue reading

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throwing a pokémon / star wars party

Last year it was a Star Wars party. There was an “Epic Battle” and then cake and presents. The “goody bags” were Darth Vader heads with m&m’s inside. This year was going to be a basic repeat of last year, … Continue reading

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flunking lent

I flunked Lent entirely this year. Too busy. Papers to write. Kids to tend to. Holy week to help plan and organize. Life! (And maybe I didn’t have the heart. Maybe I let things get in the way. Maybe I … Continue reading

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holy (birth)days

My aunt died during Lent. Our family relationships in English are vague. My dad’s brother’s wife (the aunt to whom I refer) has the same relational title as my mother’s sister. And so she should–she has been my aunt as … Continue reading

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