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friday five: let’s get creative

From the RevGals on Facebook:Friday Five: Let’s Get Creative In elementary school it may have been a brand new box of 64 Crayola crayons. Today it may be that one pen that fits your hand perfectly and writes smoothly. Or … Continue reading

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ten on tuesday

I was going to do a Friday Five, but never found the prompt. Then I thought I would do Seven on Sunday, but didn’t get to it. So now it’s either 2 or 10 today. Since I had gone to … Continue reading

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oxygen, water, food, sleep, books

The girl is frustrated because they have turned to non-fiction in her language arts class. They are reading articles. “It has ‘science’ in the name of the article, Mom. Can’t we do that for science class? Why is it for … Continue reading

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all saints

A young adult elder and lector/liturgist for the day helps a child light a candle as names of those who left us this year are called on All Saints Day. This is a service I planned and put in place. … Continue reading

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nablopomo and card games

I have 13% left on my battery and no charger with me in Arizona this weekend. I am vaguely attempting national blog posting month, but I expect I will let that go soon. I am thinking about card games. My … Continue reading

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all souls

In our Protestant circles we conflate All Saints and All Souls because we believe we are all saints. Tonight I am thinking of a couple of souls who were important in my mom’s life and who have departed this week. … Continue reading

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