This was from a friend of my mom’s when she emailed her about Jerrad’s death. She knew the curly blond baby in Missouri:

Thank you for letting us know and in a way share the loss, even at a distance of years and circumstances.  If even a falling sparrow does not escape God’s attention, I think we who are created in His image are also allowed to feel something of the pain.  Madeleine L’Engle did such a good job in her books of helping us see that no life, anywhere, is lost without universal ramifications.

I just finished L’Engle’s  A Swiftly Tilting Planet and, of course that’s completely the theme of that book, probably my favorite of the “Time trilogy/quartet/quintet.” I love the story/stories and the time travel aspects and all the interconnectedness.

Today is Jerrad’s birthday and yesterday was a month since his death, so I have been thinking about him. Not in a sad way so much as he’s just there, in my consciousness. February 7 has always been his day. I don’t remember most of my cousins’ birthdays (sorry folks). I know them approximately and certainly the months, but not the date. But Jerrad was the first cousin born after me, and it was a long time before the next cousin was born–also a February birthday–and Jerrad’s birthdate I remember. Also, Bubble was due on his birthdate. I though it would be cool if she was born on his birthday, but it turns out we still had 9 days to go.

So. Another week with the kids. Grandma was here for a few hours yesterday. Yay! Grandpa’s coming for about 5 days next week. Computerguy gets the February holidays (we hope–he worked MLK Day) and he’s taking Bubble’s birthday off. It should be a busy and fun next couple of weeks.

I couldn’t decide whether to move on to the Pol(l)y O’Keefe books or switch over to the Austin family books, so I’m taking a break from L’Engle and starting on some of the books recommended by the RevGals. I wasn’t sure where to start, but am diving in with a new mystery series by Roberta Isleib. Seriously, most of those recommendations were mystery series. Works for me.
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