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maundy thursday and aunt beast

I read the foot washing text in our Maundy Thursday service, I served communion, and I snuffed out the candles, one by one, reminding us of the darkness between the betrayal and the resurrection, the darkness of the crucifixion. And … Continue reading

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presbygeek: not just a ruling elder

Saturday we got a first coat of paint on the boy’s walls. Since the kids have been taking karate, Computerguy and I have wanted to show them our formative karate movie: The Karate Kid. Online, I found a set of … Continue reading

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youth sunday part four

This was my fourth year to guide the youth toward a Youth Sunday Service. This year in youth group, we have had 5 stalwarts with a few drop ins. None of the drop ins came to Youth Sunday preparation, so … Continue reading

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where to begin?

A week ago (was it just a week ago?!?), I led a joy-filled and noisy “Review-of-the-Year” service of scripture and hymns while my colleague was on vacation. We did it on Advent 1 instead of Christ the King because we … Continue reading

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doves and streamers

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Best liturgical holiday. I am taking the “favorite” meaning of best. I love Pentecost with its orange and red and yellow and streamers flung around the sanctuary and the doves (pigeons) released at the end and the … Continue reading

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horizontal and vertical

NaBloPoMo Day 17: Let’s join up with Laura Stephens-Reed: Write about a spiritual practice that keeps you connected to God and to others. I have my PC(USA) Daily Prayer App, and in some ways that is just between God and … Continue reading

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short and sweet and spirit-filled

NaBloPoMo Day 15: Something quick… a YouTube share, a picture, a haiku.. Short and Sweet Sunday. Yesterday we talked about a service ready before Friday A sermon about Hannah and our individual sorrows songs and liturgy already set could they … Continue reading

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