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reading challenge

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself, for my study reading, to read only books I had already purchased on my Kindle App, but had never actually read or finished. I began with Carol Howard Merritt’s Healing Spiritual … Continue reading

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a record, for me, of these days

Spring Break was approaching. We had lots of plans. My mom was moving from Arizona into an assisted living residence near me. My uncle would bring a load of things on Saturday. We would take my kids out of school … Continue reading

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seminal (north) american girls part 2: anne shirley

I’ve been meaning to write this post about Anne, but on Thursday, my friend in England messaged me that she and her daughter has just finished watching Anne with an E and she and I had a conversation about why … Continue reading

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all saints

A young adult elder and lector/liturgist for the day helps a child light a candle as names of those who left us this year are called on All Saints Day. This is a service I planned and put in place. … Continue reading

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fires and halloween and other things

This morning I woke up to a ping that was a text message from the kids’ principal: we will be having school today. We ordinarily assume that. It turns out a fire started in a neighborhood at the foot of … Continue reading

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by the waters

The girl returned on Saturday, a little tired, glad to be home. Her most emphatic comment was on how much and often they ate in Chile. She couldn’t keep up. I led worship and preached yesterday. The sermon was well-received. … Continue reading

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Pentecost has quickly become my one of my favorite Holy days, maybe my very favorite. So much less pressure. So important the coming of the Spirit. We wear red and orange and yellow and throw streamers and release doves and … Continue reading

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community college

Have I written about the community college gig yet? It seems like I’ve meant to, but it’ keat me kind if busy. If I have, feel free to forgive me and move on. When I was young-ish and hopeful and maybe … Continue reading

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maundy thursday and aunt beast

I read the foot washing text in our Maundy Thursday service, I served communion, and I snuffed out the candles, one by one, reminding us of the darkness between the betrayal and the resurrection, the darkness of the crucifixion. And … Continue reading

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presbygeek: not just a ruling elder

Saturday we got a first coat of paint on the boy’s walls. Since the kids have been taking karate, Computerguy and I have wanted to show them our formative karate movie: The Karate Kid. Online, I found a set of … Continue reading

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