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event films

I started writing a post last night and realized that I was writing two different posts: one about a play and one about going to see a filmed play on the silver screen. So I’m separating the posts. I’ll write … Continue reading

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pop culture?

We have been pretty far out of the (grown-up) pop culture loop for awhile. I more or less keep up with a couple shows that are 8 or 10 years old! Bones! Castle! Computerguy and I binge catch up on … Continue reading

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plain and awkward

And here is Kristin’s follow-up to the blog conversation: Heroines, Plain and Awkward. After wondering why movies can’t include more than a narrow ideal of beauty for women, she comes back to books like Wrinkle and the depth of portrayal … Continue reading

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can meg be unattractive?

Disney has announced a new version of A Wrinkle in Time adapted by Jennifer Lee who co-wrote and directed some little film with strong female leads you might have heard of if you happen to be alive: Frozen. I posted the announcement on … Continue reading

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anna & anne

I was walking and listening to a podcast conversation about 1 John (the epistle) and Kathryn Schifferdecker (Luther Theological Seminary) said something along the lines of: if we reverse the verse to “Love is God” we get our society’s version where … Continue reading

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les mis

I suppose it’s my turn to weigh in on Les Miserables. Computerguy and I went to see the film last Sunday afternoon and the songs are still in my head. This post contains plenty of Les Mis spoilers. When I was … Continue reading

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25th anniversaries part 1: inconceivable

There are several 25th anniversaries that happened in September, and this has become the first of a series of posts–rather than one extremely long post–about them. I first saw The Princess Bride on video the year after its September 1987 premiere in … Continue reading

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