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friday five: school days

Hard for me to pass up this Friday Five though I am late to the party. So, as students wrap up their years or maybe their academic careers, let’s reflect upon our school days in today’s Friday Five: Favorite class … Continue reading

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friday five: transitions

3dogmom has lots of transitions happening, and wonders about our own: My life is overflowing with transitions at this time: losing a beloved family homestead, welcoming a new grandchild, starting a new call next month, packing up our home in … Continue reading

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friday five: fast and furious cuisine

Deb brings us this Friday Five that appealed to me: I know RevGals is not a cooking blog. But, I also know that we clergy balance multiple tasks, roles and responsibilities. And many of us want to keep eating healthy … Continue reading

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friday five: favorite places

Marie at RevGals has visited her seminary and reminisced over some favorite places there. She invites us to “tell us about five of your favorite places. Have fun with it, and make sure to link in the comments if you play … Continue reading

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friday five: they say it’s your birthday

Birthdays are always fun, and we begin a spate of them here in February. The girl child turns 8 on the 16th, and then over the next 2 months, the whole carpool gang will turn 8 (and the Boy Child will … Continue reading

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friday five: the advent of advent

MaryBeth offers this contemplative Friday Five: Shhhhh…. Advent is coming. I tell you this, not to panic you, but as a quiet invitation. This time of year can be so busy with planning for Advent and Christmas, for those who … Continue reading

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friday five: advent confidential

Mary Beth invites us to share Advent traditions as we move from Thanksgiving into Advent. 1) Paper Advent Calendars: I don’t know if we had these every year or just enough times to remember them. My brother and I would … Continue reading

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