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things that capture our attention 3: land of stories

The girl chose The Land of Stories book 1 a year ago when she was gifted a choice of books on her way to sleepover camp. She picked it because it was good and thick. She didn’t get to the … Continue reading

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things that capture our attention part 2: wordgirl and jean little

I’ve shared many books with my girl; it’s one of my great delights of mothering a daughter. We’ve read or she has read and we’ve talked about Harry Potter (all 7!) and Anne of Green Gables (all 7!) and Little … Continue reading

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things that capture our attention part 1: the boy

What did you love when you were a child? What are you hoping to introduce your children to and have them love? Which of those are working and what do they love that is new to you? (also, the balance … Continue reading

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Tonight we went to see GodSpell at the community college where I teach. It was really good. And it’s so faithful to the scripture. When explaining it to the kids, I told them it was the Gospel of Matthew sort … Continue reading

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a wrinkle in time (more or less)

Spoiler Alert: herein I talk about the movie and some differences between the film and the book, so if you haven’t seen it and want to judge it for yourself, do wait to read this. (I wrote this Thursday night, … Continue reading

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roundtable discussion assignment

2 years ago, when I taught my first Community College Brit Lit survey class, I included a basic group presentation on the syllabus. I had 4 topics (thematically linked sections from the Norton) and had the students present on them. … Continue reading

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ruling elder commissioned to particular pastoral service

  In my early twenties, I went to a Southern Baptist break-out session on “Is seminary for me?” They made it very clear that seminary was not for me (though it was for my friend Steve). In my early thirties, … Continue reading

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