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world cup

I have a post in the draft queue regarding the upcoming PC(USA) General Assembly, but I don’t think I’ll post it. It’s kind of wishy washy and not anything a hundred (thousand?) conflicted moderates like me haven’t said before. If … Continue reading

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friday five: summertime fun

Songbird at RevGalBlogPals asks folks to list 5 things we like/dislike about summer: I would usually claim winter or spring as my favorite season, but there’s much to like about summer, especially since the pace of life just seems to … Continue reading

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more on terms of respect

I was re-reading an old favorite, Anne of Green Gables, and came across this exchange: “What am I to call you?” asked Anne. “Shall I always say Miss Cuthbert? Can I call you Aunt Marilla?” “No; you’ll call me just … Continue reading

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forgotten camera

I’ve been trying to carry around our pocket camera so I can snap “blog photos,” but I keep forgetting it. I just think blogs with pictures are more interesting. I’m at my folks’ house with the kids for 10 days … Continue reading

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terms of respect

In the 70s, I didn’t grow up with a lot of formality, yet I have a healthy respect for it (my SJ comes out). We never called our aunts and uncles Aunt This and Uncle That and until we moved … Continue reading

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that’s my girl

Bubble has a couple of books in which characters go to the doctor for a check-up (Dora, Pooh Bear) and she likes to play check-up with her stuffed animals. Today she is letting one of the boy animals be the … Continue reading

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imaginary friends

Bubble has two imaginary friends, Wiggles and Ribbity. When we ask her where they are, she gestures with her hands to show us. Wiggles has four mouths, “one here (points to her forehead), one here (one cheek), one here (the … Continue reading

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