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halloween: fun food edition

Photos of kids coming soon, but not here yet… Last night we had our church Halloween gathering. After meetings all week and family on Friday and Saturday, I got to Sunday afternoon and realized I had done nothing about preparing … Continue reading

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wednesday wanderings

I just got back from walking in the neighborhood. I love walking in the neighborhood. It makes me feel connected. Busy church week. Circle last night. Session tonight. Special committee meeting to plan Advent kick-off program tomorrow night. I’m currently … Continue reading

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what we sing

In church we’re doing a brief series of “hymn moments.” The RevDoc asked several of us to speak briefly about a favorite hymn. It’s part of intentionality and meaning in worship–telling how God has used this hymn to speak to … Continue reading

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friday five: my life stages

Jan at RevGals gives us this: Since it is almost my birthday and because my spiritual direction peer group is reading Living Fully, Dying Well by Edward W. Bastian and Tina L. Staley, I am thinking of my life in stages. For … Continue reading

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in anticipation of the day… (thanks, kim)

I updated my Books 2011 page. I don’t know if it’s everything I’ve read or not, but it’s a good representation. I don’t know why it’s so hard to discipline myself to writing about a book when I finish it. … Continue reading

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jamie the very worst missionary

I’ve been reading Jamie the Very Worst Missionary for awhile. I think she’s hilarious and thoughtful and wise and did I mention hilarious? Fair warning, she’s also salty. This post is about denominational differences. I can’t let things go so … Continue reading

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boise zoo

We’re visiting Computerguy’s folks (Mimi and Pop) in Boise, ID. Today we went to the zoo. The Boise zoo is quite a nice little zoo. The photo was the first thing we did. It is, according to the sign, a … Continue reading

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