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writing prayers

I grew up with extemporaneous prayer. The idea of writing out a prayer never even came up. It just wasn’t something one did; it wasn’t even something one might think of doing. Prayer was “talking to God.” One doesn’t write … Continue reading

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public domain

I was offered the course I am teaching while I was on vacation in October. The bookstore needed a book order about a week later. In no way was I ready for that, so I figured since everything we would … Continue reading

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the time being

January in So Cal means, for us, fresh squeezed orange juice, which I don’t drink. Ever. Oranges aren’t quite broccoli; I don’t mind a little orange flavor in other foods, but I don’t care for oranges. Computerguy LOVES his orange … Continue reading

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back at the university

I’m pretty happy about being back at the university. I love having an office and reading and talking about literature. But, oh, golly, it’s been awhile and it’s going to be tough to find a rhythm. I’m teaching only one … Continue reading

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epiphany notes

I love Epiphany. I’d save all gifts for the Feast of the Magi if I could. I think it makes more sense to honor them by giving gifts and it would somehow make Christmas Day more sacred. Not that gift … Continue reading

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lessons from rome?

I have a friend who asks me about any Shakespearean-influenced film that comes out. Sadly, I think he knows more about them than I do because I don’t manage to watch movies these days. On New Year’s Eve, we were … Continue reading

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