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in-between times: beach, beer, bikes

It feels as if we are entering a time of in-between times. I have a sermon to write for Palm/Passion Sunday. Maybe that’s what I will write about: the in-between times. This week is my spring break and the kids’ … Continue reading

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a record, for me, of these days

Spring Break was approaching. We had lots of plans. My mom was moving from Arizona into an assisted living residence near me. My uncle would bring a load of things on Saturday. We would take my kids out of school … Continue reading

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the good place and me

I don’t have a ton to say. Linda Holmes has a really nice wrap-up piece at I’m just enjoying the end of a journey. I haven’t anticipated a finale this much since Lost, and this was more satisfying (I’m … Continue reading

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ten on tuesday

I was going to do a Friday Five, but never found the prompt. Then I thought I would do Seven on Sunday, but didn’t get to it. So now it’s either 2 or 10 today. Since I had gone to … Continue reading

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all souls

In our Protestant circles we conflate All Saints and All Souls because we believe we are all saints. Tonight I am thinking of a couple of souls who were important in my mom’s life and who have departed this week. … Continue reading

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the girl off and away

The girl can roll her eyes with the best of them. She is honing the art of sarcasm. She points out any time I am inconsistent or ambiguous. She sasses me, but not other people, though some have called her … Continue reading

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On September 7, my mom was headed on a trip with her sister to Philadelphia and New York and then on to Israel with her high school friend. I got a text from my aunt saying my mom had fallen … Continue reading

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things that capture our attention part 2: wordgirl and jean little

I’ve shared many books with my girl; it’s one of my great delights of mothering a daughter. We’ve read or she has read and we’ve talked about Harry Potter (all 7!) and Anne of Green Gables (all 7!) and Little … Continue reading

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a wrinkle in time (more or less)

Spoiler Alert: herein I talk about the movie and some differences between the film and the book, so if you haven’t seen it and want to judge it for yourself, do wait to read this. (I wrote this Thursday night, … Continue reading

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catching up

School started. We have a 4th grader who misses 3rd grade and a 2nd grader who wishes school didn’t exist. ::sigh:: I am teaching at one of the local community colleges. In some ways it is just fabulous, my best … Continue reading

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