ten on tuesday

We’ll see if I get to 10…

(Wrote this yesterday and then never got back to hit publish. Busy day.)

1) I stayed up last night finishing How the Light Gets In, the newest Inspector Gamache mystery. Then I was able to go back and read this post from A Musing Amma which informed the RevDoc’s sermon this last Sunday. The sermon and post are powerful. The book was too, especially if one has been following. It was more thriller than cozy, but the underlying theme–letting the light in, redemption–good stuff.

2) Speaking of redemption, I listened to Krista Tippett’s On Being unedited interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber at the Wildgoose Festival. I don’t know what did and did not make it into the edited show (I’m guessing not the audience singing Amazing Grace while the train goes by.) Kristin talks about it here. It’s worth a full post, but for now, suffice it to say that redemption is key.

3) As the church year starts up, church school remains largely unscheduled though more or less ready to go and the youth program remains untidy. this is probably my busiest two weeks until pageant time.

4) The nominating committee–which I somehow ended up chairing, long story–has it’s second meeting today, the first where we will begin to name names. (This is the committee that brings to the congregation names of people to serve a term on Session (ruling elders) and as deacons).

5) When I first came onto Session, I thought “anything but the nominating committee.” The fact that I am completely comfortable in this role says something about the last 2 and 1/2 years.

6) Hard to believe I’ve been on Session 2 and 1/2 years and my term is almost up. Hard to believe we’ve been attending this church almost 5 years. It seems like forever and yesterday. There are people for whom we are still the newbies and people who see us as fixtures.

7) My son has been going to this church all his life. He’s a cradle roll kid. So 4+ years isn’t that long, but still.

8) Speaking of the Boy Child, he is on a Star Wars tear. It is all about Star Wars, and mostly about the lightsaber duels. I’m not sure what to do with that, but it’s probably not the worst thing ever. In the end, it is, after all, a whole lot about redemption. (We are ignoring movies I-III and watching the *real* ones like we did when we were kids.)

9) I was never a huge Star Wars person (yeah, I’m more about Trek:The Next Generation), and I have concerns about the lack of multiple women in existence in the universe (also a concern in Lord of the Rings–also, perhaps surprisingly,–not really my thing), but in episodes IV and V (the ones we’ve watched so far) Princess Leia rocks! (I am aware the gold bikini is yet to come…)

10) My Friday book group is looking for something to read next. We’re talking Brueggemann or Abraham Joshua Heschel, but are open. We’re each coming in with book titles this week so we can have a list going. Any suggestions? Anything with a theological bent of some sort is welcome. Women authors are particularly welcome. I’m wondering about Dr. Gafney’s Daughters of Miriam.

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2 Responses to ten on tuesday

  1. Elizabeth Nordquist says:

    You may like The Girl Got Up by Rachel Srubas, Presbyterian pastor from Arizona. Learning to Dream Again by Sam Wells, former Dean of the Chapel at Duke, now Rector at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London. Have you read An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor? Our Ammas group is praying with it this year, Just some thoughts.

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