walking in the neighborhood

sidewalkI walk around my neighborhood. I see the same people. We smile, maybe wave. One woman I speak with every once in a while. I don’t know their names, but I know their faces*. We wonder when we don’t see someone. The sidewalks–where they exist–are narrow. Two people can fit by on them, but not with much personal space. No one tries it. Someone always moves to the dirt/grass/street beside the sidewalk when passing. Who will move over first? That is the question. Older, younger, man, woman, white, black, latino/a, runner, brisk walker, dog walker? Who moves off the sidewalk? I wish we could just pass each other on the sidewalk. But they’re narrow sidewalks.

I bought fundraiser items from the girls across the street. One is in the local elementary, the other in the local middle school. They came back by today because they couldn’t accept checks. I had they cash–though they are going to have to come up with two 5s for a 10–but it made me sad.

I was surprised when we got a Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. So many stores have left our street in the last 5 years. I shopped there often. It almost replaced the two-towns-over TJ’s for me. I am not surprised that it is one of the stores that is closing, but it makes me sad.

It took me awhile, but I love my city. And it makes me sad.

*There are 3 people from church I see occasionally. I know their names.

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One Response to walking in the neighborhood

  1. deanna Long says:

    I know! They are one person sidewalks pretty much~

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