friday five: gratitude

a photo on the mountain with my morning coffee and my uncle

Terri brings us this week’s Friday Five (and didn’t I just say Mary Oliver shows up everywhere?):

The Place I Want To Get Back To

is where
in the pinewoods
in the moments between
the darkness

and first light
two deer
came walking down the hill
and when they saw me

they said to each other, okay,
this one is okay,
let’s see who she is
and why she is sitting

on the ground, like that,
so quiet, as if
asleep, or in a dream,
but, anyway, harmless;

and so they came
on their slender legs
and gazed upon me
not unlike the way

I go out to the dunes and look
and look and look
into the faces of flowers;
and then one of them leaned forward

and nuzzled my hand, and what can my life
bring to me that could exceed
that brief moment?
For twenty years

I have gone every day to the same woods,
not waiting, exactly, just lingering.
Such gifts bestowed,
can’t be repeated.

If you want to talk about this
come to visit. I live in the house
near the corner, which I have named

(Mary Oliver, Thirst, Beacon Press, 2006)

For this Friday Five I invite you to offer five gratitudes you recognize in your life. 

I thought about this and I thought, “well, it’s always good to think about gratitudes, but the first things that come to mind are kind of repetitive for this blog.” So, to get them out of the way: God, Books, Friends, Family, Life. Now I’m going to highlight the next five things that came to mind.

Music: My taste is not sophisticated. It’s not even good. But growing up, music was like the air, it was always there in the background and I didn’t even really think about it. When I remember to put music on in the background of my day, I am a much happier person.

Walking: I love to walk, alone, with music playing on headphones.

Photographs: Visual reminders of people I love, places I’ve been, things I’ve done…

Toys: I like toys. I keep some on my desk. I play with them when I need to think. I’m particularly goofy about some kids’ meal toys. Some are cheap and sad and perpetuate really bad boy/girl stereotypes, but the good ones can be really terrific. I have all four Beauty and the Beast Happy Meal Toys from when I was in… wait for it… COLLEGE. So I guess I’m grateful that I live in a time and place in which I can surround myself with little things that make me happy.

Pens: I love really nice pens. I go through phases with different styles and colors. I like dark and smooth. Black, blue, purple. Red, but only for going through and editing my own papers. Sweet.

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5 Responses to friday five: gratitude

  1. Terri says:

    Oh, I like these too…music, nice pens, walking…good play, Wendy, thank you!

  2. Joolie says:

    I’m with Terri, love music and pens… maybe I don’t love walking but I love the strength it gives me. Have you tried fountain pens? Sometimes fussy, but I love the flow of ink. Peace.

  3. You are never too old for toys. I don’t care what anyone says. I love pens too: when I write by hand they have to scritch, like fountain pens. I love that sound. I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I like “the next five things” and also toys! And music!

  5. oh yes PENS. How could I forget. Love love love pens. And notebooks, to write in — and stationery.

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