the hike

Computerguy and Bookgirl climbed the mountain. And it was pretty much exactly how that sounds. We are who we are. As in things like my iPod headphone cord kept getting caught on branches. But we hiked to the meadow and had our scattering ashes ceremony and that was good. And then we hiked beyond and pitched camp and slept next to a cliff next to a waterfall. My brother came by after we had gone to bed and he and I talked for a bit. I must have forgotten to re-zip the tent when he left because in the wee hours of the morning we discovered our sleeping bags were sliding down the thin pads and we were both halfway out the tent. Yep. We know what we’re doing. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake, though some folks did, but we got to the snow line and did a bit of hiking on/next to the rock slabs and decided we were good. We hiked back to the camping spot, packed up our gear, and made it back to base camp just before dark. And maybe we’ll do it again some time. There’s already talk about the peak–no one made it there–in 2013.

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