happy christmas

We’re home for Christmas this year, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The kids have hung out with friends, and we’ve begun to find our own take on Christmas traditions. I don’t know how often we’ll get to do this, but I will savor the moment.

10492198_10206617052920026_2686759596359694141_nThe kids went with friends to a kids’ museum and ended up having a sleepover, giving me 26 hours to work and finish shopping. When I picked up my kids, I brought all of 5 home, giving their mom a couple hours.

On the 23rd, we had our “fancy” dinner (Red Lobster. Not that fancy, but nice and the kids are crazy about seafood.) and then went to Disney on Ice: Frozen. Left: The kids who dressed up. Right: the kids who didn’t.

Christmas Eve. There was something special about being in our own church. Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve, and I enjoy the services in my in-law’s church, but when I help shape the whole service and then leave, it is disappointing. This time I got to fully participate, I got to see it come together, we got to worship among the same people we see week after week. My colleague and I did not grab candles from the ushers, so we took candles from the vestry, smallish pillars. They didn’t have the plastic cups around them (obviously) and I managed to drip candle wax down my shirt. But if that was the worst that happened, we’ll survive. Also, in a gesture of theological symbolism, we lit our candles from the Christ candle and expected to start the light around the circle outside, but some practical, efficient person had already had the candles started, so we came out to already-lit candles. Oh, well. Again, if that’s the least of it… (above: our chancel and little boys in tie sweaters.)

Christmas Day. Here we are. We got everything ready last night after the kids crashed at about 10. At 6, we got up and filled stockings. We told the kids they could come out at 7 (our standard weekend time). They came out at 7 and were excited first to light the Christ Candle (we made them wait until Christmas day) and then they were as excited as could be about their stockings. Now they are playing with Legos and BeyBlades, and we are having a relaxing Christmas day. We have tickets for Star Wars this afternoon, and will head to my parents’ in Arizona tomorrow where my dad’s extended family will be gathered.

I am trying not to spend the day cooking. We had our dinner out on the 23rd and I made a Prime Rib yesterday afternoon for our fancy dinner. Today I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and we have fun nibbles plus leftovers-before-we-leave-town to put out for the rest of the day.

Now, on to Christmas cards!

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One Response to happy christmas

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Delightful! Sounds like that is a wonderful place to be…home for the holidays!

    Deanna Silliman Long The joy of the Lord is my strength! Sent from my iPhone


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