the things i think about

Here are the kinds of things I discover in this life of mine:

I find Chutes and Ladders to be tedious. I thought I would enjoy it. I liked it when I was young. Nope. Really not. Candy Land is slightly better. I still enjoy Heigh-Ho-Cherry-O. The games I like better though are Yahtzee Jr and, of all things, The Care Bears game. The Care Bears game is more of a chess/checkers style game with squares and ways to move, but no counters or spinners. It’s quick and slightly more imaginative (and for ages 4+ rather than 3+; Yahtzee Jr., too. It makes a difference). I also really like Crazy 8s and am wondering if it is too soon to introduce Uno. Go Fish–tedious–especially with 2 people.

Similarly, I think I like Go, Diego, Go! best of the shows. I want to like Dora (and I really like some of the special, double-length Dora episodes), but as a daily thing, Diego is easier to handle. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is decent, but we’ve seen every episode so many times, I’m kind of done with it. Special Agent Oso kind of creeps in and stays (“Three special steps, three special steps”). Bubble is really in to Max and Ruby right now and I could live without that one, though I get the attraction for her. Squeak (who shouldn’t be watching TV at all, but how does one enforce that with an older sibling?) likes Mickey and Diego and Elmo’s World best. We do all of these via DVR or streaming on the computer, so we get to control what, when, and how much, but there it is. These are the things I think about.

I would like to claim The Big Bang Theory or Bones or Castle or The Office as my favorite show, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen any of those that, really, I think it has to be Go, Diego, Go!

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