There is a scene in Anne’s House of Dreams where Anne is preparing to “shorten” Jem’s gowns: “He was to be shortened the next week, and Anne felt ready to cry at the thought of it” (Chapter 40). We have our own milestones in the 21st century and some of the big ones have to do with car seats: the carrier/base to the rear-facing full seat to forward facing to booster to back seat with seat-belt to front passenger seat to, I suppose, the driver’s seat. Until the last few years, kids stayed rear-facing until they were one. Then they said “use manufacturer’s regulations,” which, I think, is still the official recommendation, but unofficially two has become the new one. Some people wait until two, many go ahead and do it sometime after one.

We turned Squeak’s car seat around just before I drove to Arizona because he had hit the height limit for rear-facing (and people say it’s the weight limit that is important–not height–but I’m “following manufacturer’s regulations.”) So my baby really isn’t so much of one anymore. He’s using lots of words–though still few phrases. He knows what he wants and goes after it. He has tantrums when he doesn’t get it. He has started really playing with toys. This morning he was playing with cars and castle people and horses. He likes to do simple puzzles and pretends to try the wrong place and laughs and does the right one.
Squeak, putting the elephant in the monkey spot: There?
Bookgirl: No, not there.
Squeak, putting it right: There!
He’s pretty funny. He also enjoys giving hugs and gives them to Bubble whether she wants one or not. She’ll pat him and send him on his way. It doesn’t seem to bother him, but he does wait for that acknowledgment.

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  1. Oh….he’s growing up! And as cute as can be. Just another year and he and my baby boy will be able to play together.:)

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