gratitude post 3 days 5-11

day five: a song I am thankful for

This is where I got stuck, trying to find the perfect song. So. There is no such thing, but a couple youth were asking each other their favorite church songs last week and “Gather Us In” and “Lord of the Dance” were their answers, and that makes me pretty happy.

day six: a place I’m thankful for

A week ago, I went “up the hill” to have lunch with my friend who stood with me in my wedding. We haven’t gone up to Lake Arrowhead for awhile, especially to the village area (we camp there with church on Memorial Day weekend and CG’s friends Labor Day weekend), especially in the fall, and I was reminded of its loveliness so close to where we live. We ate lunch overlooking the lake, and it was beautiful and peaceful. It was a Friday and it was busy but not weekend busy. Computerguy and I got married there and we used to get up there fairly often.



day seven: a gift I am thankful for

While I was there, my friend gave me a Brontë Sisters mug. It’s a great mug, and a fun, thoughtful gift.

day eight: a family member I am thankful for


My mom and my kids. Thankful for all of them.


How do you choose? We celebrated my mom’s 75th birthday last month. The kids have Thanksgiving Week off and they are flying to her on Saturday. We will going them on Thursday. So this month, I am truly thankful for her. And I am always thankful for her.

day nine: a simple pleasure I am thankful for

morning coffee.

day ten: a possession I am thankful for

Since I’m working on it right now, I suppose I am thankful for my MacBook (and all my Macs from the past). It’s a pretty great machine.

day eleven: a gift from God I am thankful for

Words and the word and The Word. Words.

(The Rev. Traci Smith, who wrote Faithful Families, a book we bought all our church families, offers a November 2018 Gratitude Every Day calendar. The calendar has just a small box in which to write a gratitude, but I haven’t blogged for a long time, and it’s November, so I though I might try blogging my gratitudes.)

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1 Response to gratitude post 3 days 5-11

  1. Deanna says:

    Love that photo with my favorites! I am so thankful for you!

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