gratitude post 2 days 3 & 4

Day Three: A Freedom I Am Thankful For

The first freedom I thought of was freedom of the press, which I translate to mean, freedom to speak out and freedom to be critical of those in authority. This is a freedom I learned as a child. My parents modeled and accepted our questioning of actions and words of those in authority. That didn’t mean we could be disrespectful, but we were always encouraged to question.

My second thought was a freedom I’ve granted myself: Freedom to substitute in a recipe. I still remember an advent devotion I read years ago (written by a woman in our congregation) that talked about the concept of “mise en place” having everything ready and in its place before starting a recipe. I am a complete failure at this. I OFTEN get part way through a recipe and realize I am missing something I need. And so I go to my friend the interwebs and start checking for substitutions. Friday I was making a pasta salad for a Saturday luncheon and I realized I had only half enough mayo (we don’t use it often enough to justify buying big jars.) I did have Miracle Whip, but that has too much flavor of its own to work in recipes (I’ve tried). So I thought, Sour Cream! I checked the interwebs and sour cream or greek yogurt were the big suggestions. I made my salad with half mayonnaise and half sour cream and did NOT have to go to the store. Freedom!

Day Four: A Taste or Food I Am Thankful For

I’m writing this in the morning, so coffee becomes obvious. I’m drinking a gingerbread flavored coffee this morning, so that, too, seems right. I am thankful that gingerbread exists. I am especially thankful for soft gingerbread with icing. And I am thankful that it only comes at Christmas because it does seem like an indulgence.

(The Rev. Traci Smith, who wrote Faithful Families, a book we bought all our church families, offers a November 2018 Gratitude Every Day calendar. The calendar has just a small box in which to write a gratitude, but I haven’t blogged for a long time, and it’s November, so I though I might try blogging my gratitudes.)

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1 Response to gratitude post 2 days 3 & 4

  1. Deanna long says:

    I enjoy this free thinking on recipes! You are excellent at it and a great cook!
    For questioning, you always protested your bedtime at family meetings!
    There were times I wish we had listened better!

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