summer drama adventure

The girl child is at drama camp today and tomorrow and all next week. This week is a 2 day “drama intensive.” She has been doing drama camp since she was 7, but this is the first year she is old enough for the “Drama Intensive.” I hope she enjoys the smaller, older group. We will see the showcase tomorrow evening. (This is how they manage the 4th of July week–2-day Princess Academy for little girls in the morning and Drama Intensive for older kids in the afternoon.)

Next week she will do traditional drama camp with her friend. They are doing Beauty and the Beast. These are plays written by the drama camp folks, carefully done to avoid copyright infringement, so we will see what they do. Honestly, I totally respect this group. They write original plays and give the kids a great week of drama fun. On Monday they do drama games and basic techniques. Tuesday they receive their parts. Wednesday and Thursday they rehearse, and Friday they put on the play. They have a bunch of song and dance numbers that everyone participates in, so no one is offstage very long. If there are major roles, they are split among actors (e.g. Dorothy #4).

Meanwhile, a young adult friend of ours asked if the girl child and I would be interested in having parts in a play. His grandparents (amazing people) have put their hearts and souls into the “Garcia Center for the Arts” in our impoverished downtown. I told Xaq that we would totally be interested. So the girl child and I will be in a community play as a mother and daughter. It’s a small part, the final page of the script, but I am totally enamored of this opportunity. It is something we love in a city we support for people we respect. We are blessed!

(Mom and Dad, it will be sometime in August. We’ll let you know. But we have very small parts.)


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3 Responses to summer drama adventure

  1. Deanna Long says:

    Thanks…how great to start out with a simple part together! I love our connections!

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  3. revjoelle says:

    Fun times. So special to see you kids get creative!

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