I had taken a graduated student and friend out for dinner to celebrate his 5 on the AP Exam. We stopped at a bookstore after dinner and saw a Harry Potter display. I asked if he thought I would like it and he enthusiastically encouraged me to buy it. I never looked back. Later, he and I (and other people) went to several of the midnight releases of books and movies (though I got too old to keep up).

About my second Sunday at our church the “reflection before the service” written in the order of worship was a quote from Madeleine L’Engle and then the pastor talked about Harry Potter during the sermon. I was hooked (and we have talked much about both ML’E and HP since).

Now my kids are all about Harry Potter. Wordgirl has read all the books and Shyguy is all about the first 3 movies (he keeps going back and forth on whether he wants to watch the 4th one or not). We like to tell the girl child that she was at the midnight release of book 7, dressed in a S.P.E.W. onesie I made her. And about 3:00 that morning, sitting in my in-law’s upstairs rec room, I cried out in surprise as I read Dumbledore’s mother’s name. Dumbledore’s mother is a somewhat ambiguous character and not necessarily one I would have intentionally named a child after (Hermione, yes. Ginny, yes. Even Luna, yes.), but there is a delight in the coincidence, especially since it does not seem to be a particularly common name.

So, the Harry Potter books and world delight me, and it is fun to share it with students, friends, and now my children. I think they are extraordinary. Way to go, Jo!


Midnight in Boise waiting for HP (not sure where the original photos are stored, but this will do).

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One Response to pottermania

  1. Deanna says:

    What delightful opportunities you have had! We saw HP2 this evening! Oliver and I had a great time at the pool helping me get the Hogwarts groups memorized, along with their colors and qualities….then which students lived where. Draco Malfoy was easy !

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