youth sunday part four

This was my fourth year to guide the youth toward a Youth Sunday Service. This year in youth group, we have had 5 stalwarts with a few drop ins. None of the drop ins came to Youth Sunday preparation, so we were our 5 faithful. 3 Girls: 8th, 9th, and 10th grades and 2 6th grade boys.

They came up with the theme: Ask, Seek, Knock, and wrote every part of the service. They divvied it up, challenged themselves (Liturgical Dance! Scripture Reflection!) and did the thing. It has been one of the great gifts of my position to help guide the Youth Sunday services.

We did recruit a youth group alumni to play the guitar and several others to sing with us. It gave the kids more confidence and filled out the song, but they were fine, they would have been fine, even without their older friends. The choir director, who had been skeptical, gave them high praise afterward.

And a kid who hadn’t been a part of it said to me, “next year…” so that gives me hope. But next year I take a back seat to the youth ministry coordinator because I’ve done this for four years and we don’t want anyone to think I’m the only person who can do this. This is our chorus this year. We are all ministers. Let’s do this thing together.

And my kid got to play the piano. She’s been waiting for the opportunity, ever since a different kid got to play the prelude at the children’s service and then got to play again during Advent(!) even though I told her she would have the next chance (his parents requested it and we worked it in, but my kid said, “I know that same song in that same book. Why wasn’t it my turn?”). So I’ve ben watching for an opportunity, and when one of the youth wanted to dance, I suggested my kid could play “Ode to Joy” and that would be a great song to dance to. It worked out, and the dance was beautiful, and Word Girl finally got to play the piano in church. Amen!

youth sunday

Our Faithful Five are in the front with some college kids backing them up.

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One Response to youth sunday part four

  1. Mimi Lange says:

    And it was a wonderful service! Even by the high standards we set here.

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