friday five: transitions

3dogmom has lots of transitions happening, and wonders about our own:

My life is overflowing with transitions at this time: losing a beloved family homestead, welcoming a new grandchild, starting a new call next month, packing up our home in anticipating of a move 1000 miles away… Those are the markers that are easy to identify. Inner transitions are taking place, too, which leads me to offer this week’s Friday Five:

What transitions are taking place in your life? Consider physical, vocational, spiritual, psychological, educational, geographical… you get the idea. Please share five transitions that are most present with you at this time in your life.

We have smaller transitions going on, but transitions nonetheless.

  1. We are clearing out the guest room to give the kids their own rooms. I am excited because with a little more space, I think we can limit the chaos of things everywhere and we can move some of their things from the common living spaces into their rooms. They are excited as they think about having their own space and what they will do with it. The big drawback is, we lose a dedicated guest room and it has been nice giving my parents a place of their own when they come and stay (not to mention any other guests we may have). I am sure we will work it out, but it complicates things a little. (We are waiting until my folks next two visits are complete to make the move.)
  2. Related to (1), the guest room has also been our storage space, especially my academic book space, so I am going through my books and trying to figure out what I may or may not need in the next few years. Some are easy. About others I am really torn. What if I do teach literature again? I have some nice Norton Critical Editions of things that are actually in my area. The internet has made some of it much easier. Reference books are easier to send on their way knowing that 15 years ago it was nice to have them handy, but now, I would go to the computer for that information first even if I did have the book. There is that thing, though, of looking something up in a book and getting caught up in other entries. However, I suppose it’s not unlike looking something up on-line and suddenly having 5 tabs open from links.
  3. My work at the church is transitioning a little. I am working more on my own, developing worship series and planning regular–not special–worship services. I’m trying to figure out what and how much I should be doing and if there are some things I should back off from as my role continues to slowly change and become.
  4. I am looking to apply for composition jobs at community colleges this year. I know I have said that before, but last years’ sudden work at the state college put that on hold. I think now is the time.
  5. Health: I gave in to my own stubbornness and downloaded MyFitnessPal and am using it to track what I eat. I’m only 10 days in, so I am reluctant to claim much, but the age-old wisdom of just keeping track, just writing it down, seems to be helping me to make good choices and be healthful. I’m also using my phone to keep track of my steps and trying to get to that magic 10,000 a day number. Part of me wants to join the fitbit train and part of me wants an apple watch, but for now I’m just trying to always keep my phone on me.
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4 Responses to friday five: transitions

  1. Elaine says:

    It took me almost 8 years to get rid of my large animal veterinary medicine books…even when I knew I would never practice LA medicine. It’s hard to let go of a piece of our lives. I’ve not jumped on the Fitbit wagon….but I do track my food and my exercise.

  2. hooray for you on all these things! Especially the getting healthier part. 🙂

  3. 3dogmom says:

    It all sounds good. I use My Fitness Pal and LOVE it! Until life went crazy on me last fall I was very faithful about logging intake and exercise, and over six months lost 40 pounds. I also use Map My Walk to record walks and such, which is a great tool. Good luck with that, and thanks for playing!

  4. Deanna says:

    Always exciting to read about your life…soon I can visualize it…in person!

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