birthday fun

The girl child wanted to take her friends to the mountains to play in snow for her 9th birthday outing. And then we had a week of high 80s low 90s weather. We changed the plan from a snow day to a beach day (because we live in Southern California) and promised we would go up the mountain the next time it snowed.

pizzaIt was a good day. 4 girls–3 3rd graders and 1 5th grader–plus the 3rd grade birthday girl. kids made their own pizza for dinner, goofed around, and finally put on episodes of Teen Titans Go! as they settled down to sleep in the living room.

On Saturday, we got up and I made french toast and bacon for a birthday breakfast and then the kids made their sandwiches for our beach picnic (“we made all our own meals except breakfast!” someone said.)

Shyguy had a lot of fun with the girls during the party, but he opted out of the beach trip which made things a little easier for me. I could watch them without having to entertain him or make sure he was doing okay. Also, with just the 5 girls, they could all sit together in the back of the Highlander.

So I played chauffeur and lifeguard and they had a great time. It was overcast most of the time we were there so the kids played at the edge of the ocean, building in the sand and getting their feet wet. picnicWe had our picnic. Finally, knowing we needed to leave soon and they wouldn’t be cold all day, t gave them the go ahead to go in as far as they wanted. That’s when the sun came out and the waves got good and they had a blast standing at the breaking point. No one wanted to leave. Alas, one of the girls had another commitment and I had promised everyone we’d be home late afternoon, so we had to drag ourselves away. (We stayed about 1/2 hour longer than I had planned, but it just got so nice!)

It was really one of those magical days where it all kind of goes right. Wordgirl and I were looking through photos this morning and agreed that the one that represented the day was the one of the 5 girls holding hands int he breakers, helping each other stay upright. As she said, “you didn’t even have to pose us, Mom.”


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One Response to birthday fun

  1. Deanna says:

    What a wonderful day! 3rd grader!!!! growing so fast!

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