catching up

I think November won, but here are some quick thoughts to fill out the month. Also a photo: The kids wanted to “dress up” for Advent 1, even dress shoes.


Day 30: what do you like to do to celebrate an accomplishment? (From the main site)

Go out for a nice dinner preferably with a fancy drink included.

(I guess I’m not exactly celebrating an accomplishment because I didn’t really make it through NaBloPoMo, but I sure blogged a lot more than I have been, and tonight I am meeting an old friend (maybe 2) for a fancy dinner and we are going to see the Kenneth Branagh stage production of The Winter’s Tale  in the movie theater. I will write soon, maybe tomorrow, about why The Winter’s Tale is sometimes my favorite Shakespeare. I’m very excited.)

Day 29: Best Advent carol and why
(If Ososo/Come Now O Prince of Peace is your fave, tag me… we’re besties.)

“O Come O Come” has the advantage of familiarity, but I have been thinking about “People Look East” in the last couple of years. Amma Elizabeth is using it for Advent reflections. Here is her first.

Day 28: Say a little something about the most underrated Bible passage/verse.

John 3:17 “Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

because I don’t think enough people learn the next verse.

Day 26: poem… Write a poem for the day… About anything… Any poetic form.

The 21st Century: a (kind of) Haiku

Today I catch up
Grading, email, and this post
It may never end

Day 25: How do you crush a stereotype of your gender/sexual expression/race/denomination/nationality?

I might have to work on this. Mostly I just am myself, but I don’t know if I push stereotypes or not. I like to think I do.

Day 24: When I take on superhero characteristics from someone in the Bible, I ask for the the spirit of ____________ because ___________________.

Ruth because Loyal.

Day 23: What’s your alternative vocation? Maybe you did it before or you plan to do it after or you’ve done it in between or you do it in your dreams.

I used to call teaching my vocation. I’m not sure how I feel about that any more. Teaching feels more like a job. I suppose my alternate vocation in the meantime is motherhood. I would not necessarily have thought about that for myself, but especially in these days of elementary school, it does feel that way.

Day 22: What’s your spiritual resolution for Year C? (Since today is Christ the King or Reign of Christ and next week is Advent 1) And, yes, some of us are in traditions that don’t have these markers. So let it be an arbitrary marker for yourself.

Morning Prayer. But then this is always my spiritual resolution.

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