friday fun day

I have a whole lot to do between now and when I get on a plane for my in-laws in Idaho Wednesday early morning, so I thought I would get a bunch of stuff done today. But as he was leaving this morning, the boy child assured me that I would get to see his song because “we are performing it for parents so you’ll be there.” The kids get all next week off, so today was both their annual running laps “Rocket Races” fundraiser and Thanksgiving Feasts.

I tried. I pretended I was working for about an hour. And then I gave up. I got to the school to see the girl child’s Rocket Races (first time in 4 years) and help out at the Boy Child’s Thanksgiving Feast. He didn’t actually sing the song, but I got to see all his friends sing?!? (He has a nice voice, but he gets shy. Or something. He is proud of his friends, though.)

I have missed things I would normally do (Field Trips! Awards Assemblies!) because I am teaching this quarter. Today I was just Mom. It was fun. I’m glad I gave up and went. But I still have a lot of stuff to do between now and the rosy-fingered-dawn of Wednesday.

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