doves and streamers

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Best liturgical holiday.

I am taking the “favorite” meaning of best.

PENTECOST 2012I love Pentecost with its orange and red and yellow and streamers flung around the sanctuary and the doves (pigeons) released at the end and the emphasis on the Spirit who abides among and within us. Pentecost may be the freest liturgical holiday in our congregation because it does not have the expectations or freight of Christmas and Easter (or even Reformation Sunday, a Big Deal in our context) with all the visiting family members + C&E(&R) members and memories of Christmases, Easters, Reformation Sundays past. We get to be ourselves and throw streamers and read Acts.

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2 Responses to doves and streamers

  1. Deanna long says:

    I love the objects at the front worship area of your sanctuary so beautifully arranged and changed frequently!

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