horizontal and vertical

NaBloPoMo Day 17: Let’s join up with Laura Stephens-Reed:
Write about a spiritual practice that keeps you connected to God and to others.

I have my PC(USA) Daily Prayer App, and in some ways that is just between God and me except that I know other people who use the app or the book, and so there is a kind of connection in knowing other people are reading the same things I am reading, praying the same prayers I am praying. It’s kind of like When a few of us used to read the Bible through every every year. We had the same things in our heads and while we din’t get together to specifically discuss it, if someone said something we knew where she was coming from.

For years I met at church on Tuesdays for a small group lectio divina practice. We drifted off a few months ago. It had become, for me, more of a duty than a privilege. I am wondering though, about trying to reconnect this Advent. I’m not ready to jump back into Lectio, but someone posted on the RevGal FB Advent thread about already created contemplative prayer liturgies with coloring pages. So I am pondering offering to bring those in for Tuesdays during Advent and seeing if anyone is interested.

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2 Responses to horizontal and vertical

  1. Deanna says:

    My Bible reading and Jesus Calling puts my mind into connection with the Holy Spirit that dwells in my soul! Always feels right to be connected!

  2. Kristin Berkey-Abbott says:

    Thanks for the link to the LEAD resource, which I’ve bookmarked. I’m leading some worship/arts stations this Advent, and these are just what I need!

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